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About us

We are a UK-US private-funded equity company founded by professionals with experience in building engineering services for over 25 years. We are committed to building a smart and connected world through continuous innovation. We deliver value through accelerated Time to Market, reduced operational costs, and access to a diverse global skill pool. Merraky aspires to be a 1000-member company in the next five years. At Merraky, we drive a unique engagement approach where every individual is a knowledge-based contributor.

Global Offices

Merraky is headquartered in Michigan, USA, with global offices in UK, USA, India, and Italy. We also have regional delivery centers in Trivandrum and Bengaluru in India.

Why Merraky?

Product engineering services and engineering R&D that deliver value, through:

▸Competency center with incubation facility
▸Dedicated Off-Shore Development Centre
▸Partners for Build Operate & Transfer model
▸A core team of dedicated experts
▸Resource alignments (flexible ramping up & scaling down model) for technology/project needs
▸Program Management

Building Trust is one of our Core Values…

Respecting Intellectual Property

We understand the value of our customers’ intellectual properties. To avoid abuse, we stringently follow defined procedures and systems. We agree to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) upfront and respect it throughout our journey with the customer.

Merraky Engineering Model

With our customer focused approach and years of cross-industry experience, our delivery models are outlined to complement our customers’ unique business objectives and technical needs. Our key strength lies in our ability to identify the right resource with the ideal blend of technical skills and relevant experience – to accelerate product development and time-to-market and improve delivery quality.

A team of engineers dedicated to your engineering organization with flex resources available to support workload peaks.

Templatized approach to engage, build and mature as an offshore engineering center

Performance Metrics and Dashboards to provide Visibility & Control

Leverage Talent Centres of Merraky across Europe, US and Asia for technology/ high expertise resource mix

Onboard engineering talent and Infrastructure (Labs) as required for your engineering needs.

What We Do

With deep technical know-how in the field of embedded and mechanical systems, we help our customers by taking their Concepts to Production in the most Innovative & Cost-effective way. Our experience in working with diverse industries has equipped us with the ability to adopt the best practices and technologies to provide tangible solutions.

With skilled personnel, the latest tools, advanced lab, global engineering centers, and trusted eco-system partners, we have the expertise to handle a wide variety of project scopes ranging from small form factor designs to complex multi-board designs.

Over the years, we have proven to be a dependable partner in designing and developing cost-effective yet reliable embedded systems hardware/software for consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical devices, surveillance, and industrial automation systems.

Our unique engagement model and product engineering services deliver Engineering Operational Cost Savings and Time-to-Market benefits to customers using our global talent pool.