Automotive electronics are constantly evolving towards enhanced occupant experience, and the road to next-generation vehicles is incomplete without it. We at Merraky Support automotive players with our Occupant Experience, ADAS, and Autonomous Driving solutions in their path to Next Generation Vehicles.

■ CAD, CAE and CFD Support
■ Telematics & Navigation
■ Vision Intelligence / Infotainment
■ Intelligent Transport Systems
■ Control Systems (BCM / VCU)
■ AutoSAR / BSW / Model Based

Our Capabilities

Cars are now connected devices on wheels. Vehicle infotainment systems offer access to cloud services in the cockpit through the user’s smartphone or through embedded Android and HTML5 technologies.

Merraky helps product companies and service providers develop and integrate latest technologies in their products and solutions, thereby enhancing the product capabilities to satisfy their customers.

Key Offerings

■ Automotive Occupant Experience

▸ Connectivity
▸ Infotainment
▸ Instrument Cluster
▸ Seat Controls
▸ Body Controls

■ New Age Automotive Solutions

▸ Autonomous Driving Test Solutions
▸ ADAS – Platform, Application
▸ ADAS Test Solutions
▸ Intelligent Transport Systems
▸ Intelligent Lighting
▸ Connected Vehicle


We offer end-to-end Hardware, Middleware, Application solutions for the In-Vehicle infotainment segment on various SoC platforms running Android, Linux and QNX – Delivering rich, robust, and scalable solution to the market rapidly at competitive costs.
Merraky offers products and services in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Autonomous Driving domain.

Products are mainly based on test solutions for validating the algorithms which is the brain of every ADAS and Autonomous Driving feature. Focus is on providing automated solutions which will help in validating millions of real-life scenarios.

Customers can make use of the testing services or product solutions to ensure the robustness of the algorithms.

Hardware Engineering

  • Requirement Gathering & Management
    • Product level / function/subsystem level requirements.
    • Use case scenarios and activity diagrams
    • Traceability, allocation of requirements.
  • Systems Engineering (Conventional & Model Based)
  • System functions identification and definition against the product requirements
  • System decomposition in behavioural and structural components
  • Requirement elicitation into subsystems level
  • Solution Architecture, Hardware Architecture / Design
  • DFMEA, Functional Reviews
  • Hardware Prototyping

Validation & Verification

  • System validation / Functional validation
  • System Integration & validation
  • Software validation
    • Model/Code validation
    • Unit Tests
    • Component
    • Integration
  • Board bring up & Validation
  • Unit/component testing
  • Code Verification
    • Static code analysis – MISRA rule check, Run time errors
  • Pre-Compliance testing
  • DVP testing
  • Unit / Module testing
  • Labcar Development & Testing
  • Vehicle Level testing

Software Engineering

  • Software Architecture / Design
  • Model based Design and development
  • AutoSAR Service Offerings
    • MCAL Development
    • BSW Development / Integration
    • AutoSAR stack customization & Integration
    • RTE Configuration / Customization
  • AI based algorithms – Object detection and classification
  • UDS Diagnostics development (ISO 14229)
  • Application Development
  • Functional Safety Certification (ISO 26262)
    • Unit / Module testing
    • Functional validation
    • System Integration & validation
    • HIL / Labcar Development & Testing
    • Vehicle Level testing

Areas of Expertise

▹ TI, Freescale architectures
▹ GStreamer, OpenMAX, FFMPEG and native frameworks
▹ Vehicle connectivity, Gauges and WAN / PAN Connectivity solutions
▹ OpenGL, HMI frameworks (Qt, Native)
▹ Audio / Video CODEC algorithms
▹ Proprietary multimedia framework development


▸Vehicle DVR reference design
▸Rear camera reference design