Skills and Strengths

System Architecture design

  • Requirements Management
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Validation Methodologies
Hardware Engineering

  • Schematics & Layout Design
  • BoM Management
  • Manufacturing (Prototyping / NPI)
  • Pre-Compliance testing
Software Engineering

  • Platform Software (Boot Loader, drivers)
  • Middleware
  • Target Application
  • HMI / Graphics Application
  • Board Bring-up
Validation and Manufacturing Support

  • Functional / System / Integration Testing
  • Product Testing & Validation
  • Compliance testing / Certification testing
  • Test Bench / Jig Development
  • Design for Manufacturing

System Design Activities

  • Hardware Board Design
    • Requirement analysis
    • System Architecture
    • Component Selection
    • Circuit Schematics capture
    • BOM – Cost and Assembly
    • Layout Constraints
  • Validation and Debugging
    • Board bring-up, Board testing / debugging
    • Automated Test Plan Design & Development
  • CAD PCB Layout support
    • Board stack-up, Signal routing, priority, and split planes
    • Board Layout and Routing guidelines
  • Component Procurement & Logistics management
  • Coordination with PCB Fab & Assembly houses
  • Creation of Mass manufacturing data for NPI Phase
  • Automated Test bench design and development

CAD Design Activities

  • Library Creation
  • Footprint Creation
  • Multi-layer CAD design
    • Signal Integrity Analysis (Pre and Post Layout)
  • Multi-chip package “Footprint“ creation including short-pitched BGAs
  • Netlist import
  • DFM, DFA aspects
  • Placement and Routing PCB`s
    • Power, Control, Digital, Analog & High-Frequency applications
  • High-Speed Signals routing
    • DDR3/DDR2, LPDDR2, Ethernet
    • NAND, NOR, SD/eMMC
    • 0/USB3.0, HDMI, PCIe, SATA, LCD
    • Analog AUDIO & VIDEO Signals, Power routing etc.,
  • RF PCB & Antenna routing

Processor & ChipSet

  • SoC : Trimedia /  Nexperia / i.MX 28x / i.MX6 / Sigma
  • TI SoC: TDAx / OMAP / Jacinco / Davinci / Sitara AMx
  • Controllers (8-bit / 16-bit / 32-bit)
    • ST Micro Controller
    • PIC / dsPIC
    • Kinetis / LPC
    • ATMega
    • TI MSP430
    • ARM Cortex M0/M3
    • Cygnal, Super H / RH78 / RH850
    • Cypress FX3, Cypress traveo
  • Processors / DSP:
    • AMCC / FreeScale MPX,
    • PowerQuicc, PowerPC
    • CoolFlux , CEVA, Analog Audio DSP

Bus Architecture

  • PCI / Mini-PCI / PCIe
  • USB 3.0, 2.0


  • CCD / CMOS Camera Sensor
  • Audio Codecs
  • NTSC/PAL Video Encoder, Decoder
  • DVB-S, DVB-C Tuner Interfaces
  • S/PDIF Optic – CVBs
  • Keypad, Touchpad, Jogger dials
  • IR transmitter, detector
  • Bluetooth, Zigbee Modules
  • GSM/GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G
  • Accelerometers, Gyroscope, Tilt
  • HDMI Transmitter
  • TFT Color Graphic LCDs, Touch Scr.
  • AC-DC Converters
  • DC-DC Converters – Buck and Boost Type
  • Single / Three Phase PWM Inverters
  • Battery Chargers
  • Battery Monitoring & Management Systems

EDA Tools

Schematic Capture

  • Cadence Orcad Capture
  • Concept HDL
  • Xilinx ISE Tool
  • Design Entry
  • Altium

PCB Design

  • Signal Integrity
  • Mentor Hyper Lynx
  • Allegro
  • Mentor Graphics PADS

Test Instruments

  • Logic Analyzer
  • Digital Oscilloscope

FPGA Family

  • Xilinx (Virtex, SPARTAN)
  • Altera (Cyclone)
Software Engineering

• Platform Software (Boot Loader, drivers)
• Middleware
• Target Application
• HMI / Graphics Application
• Board Bring-up

Application Development


Merraky provides complete embedded application development that involves complex mechanisms and subsystems. Considering the added difficulty when combined with non-embedded systems, today’s companies are under immense pressure to achieve high levels of integration without making the system too complex, large, or costly.

With a seasoned embedded application development team, Merraky helps businesses build robust yet simple solutions for unique business requirements.

• Recorders and media player apps
• Live streaming, IoT IP Cameras, Cloud/Wi-Fi Camera Systems
• Connected vending machines
• PDAs, Smart Televisions
• Vehicle DVR, Reverse Cameras, infotainment HMI


Android Mobile App Development

Android OS, being an open-source and widespread among global mobile users, Android app development is on the top of the list of every company trying to reach its potential customers. We at Merraky meticulously analyze your unique requirement and develop intuitive apps with keen attention to detail on UI/UX.

Our strengths in Android App development:

• Java-powered Native Android Apps
• Android web app using various frameworks like .Net, PHP, etc.
• Application Store Optimization (ASO)
• Responsive design to suit every screen size
• Complete support throughout the compliance certification process

iOS Mobile App Development

A secure and mature operating system with great user experience is the hallmark of Apple devices. With our expert team of iOS developers and creative user experience designers, we help companies with the following:

• iOS Native application using Objective C
• iOS web applications
• Application Store Optimization (ASO) support
• Complete support throughout the compliance certification process


We have vast experience in HMI application development using Qt /QML and other native HMI frameworks. The expertise also includes multimedia, integration with HMI, and HMI porting on customized platforms.

Merraky excels in Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) development using the most popular HMI frameworks. We help in the integration of multimedia frameworks with HMI and port them to custom platforms.

Our platform expertise

• Multi-platform HMI/UI application.
• Intuitive and friendly UI/UX and customizable controls
• Creating extensions for add-on plug-ins.
• Web-based HMI applications
• TI OMAP 3530/ 3537, DM38x, AM3X
• Freescale i.MX27/ i.MX283, i.MX6
• Nuvoton ARM9, OpenGL2.0, Fujitsu ARM Core with 3D Graphics Accelerator

Certification Services

• Product safety
• Wireless Certification
• Interoperability
• Functionality
• Electromagnetic Capability

Product Certifications

• RoHS
• Product Safety Testing and CE Marking
• Global Market Access and International Approvals
• Electronics Reliability and Materials Testing and Evaluation
• Durability Testing

A. New Product Development Testing

• Product Validation
• Product Certification

B. System Design Activities

• Validation and Debugging
• Board bring-up, Board testing / debugging
• Automated Test Plan Design & Development

C. Automotive electronics Hardware capabilities

• Board bring up & validation
• Pre-Compliance testing
• DVP testing

D. Automotive electronics software capabilities

• Verification & Validation
• Unit / Module testing
• Functional validation
• System Integration & validation
• Vehicle Level testing support


We help companies in every stage of the product life cycle.
We offer end-to-end Embedded Engineering Services & Solutions:

• System Architecture Design
• Hardware and Software Design
• Structural and Thermal Simulation
• Prototyping
• Testing and Validation
• Product Certification
• Low Volume Production Support

We Specialize in

New Product Development

Based on the wide-ranging requirements of our customers, we devise product concepts, analyze feasibility, design, and develop the product until it reaches the pilot production stage. With various ready-to-use reference solutions, we help our clients reduce costs, improve performance and product quality, and accelerate Time-to-Market.

▸ Product Conceptualization
▸ Product Engineering
▸ Product Validation
▸ Product Certification

Product Re-engineering

We offer embedded product re-engineering services that focus on the modification of an existing product. Through our VAVE approach, we help our clients realize value optimization throughout the product lifecycle. We achieve this by adding performance and new functionalities that can help our clients stay on top of the competition.

▸ Product Re-engineering / VAVE
▸ Obsolescence Management
▸ Cost / Process Optimization

Sustenance and Maintenance

It is a given fact that companies are under constant pressure to release new products with state-of-the-art features and performance. But it is equally important to manage their existing portfolio. As technology evolves, it is important for embedded product makers to sustain and support their existing products.

Merraky works with product makers and helps them throughout the process of managing their product lifecycles efficiently. Our interactive PLM process is aimed at variants management, obsolescence management, value engineering, lifecycle extensions, etc. Our life cycle extension approaches are aimed to meet the needs of the current applications for
usability and operational efficiency.

▸ Feature Enhancements
▸ Software platform migration & optimization
▸ Bug Fixes / Maintenance
▸ Component & value engineering
▸ Technical Support Documentation
▸ Compliance and certification