Mechanics + Materials + Structure for a product that not only performs but delivers competitive advantage.


We offer services across the entire product development lifecycle and the product lifecycle in the mechanical domain. We believe our services can help our customers from the development of a concept all the way to prototyping and product realization. Some of the areas in which we support our customers are:

a. Product Benchmarking
b. Reverse Engineering
c. New Product Development
d. Technical Documentation
e. Testing and Validation
f. Compliance & Certification Support

Our mechanical capabilities can help our customers extend the cashable life of their products in the growth, maturity, and decline phases of their products. This forms a critical part of our offerings as this helps drive profitability and better returns on capital employed for our customers over their existing product development investments. We also help our customers retire end-of-life products profitably while salvaging technology invested in legacy products. Our services in this area are:

a. Product Lifecycle Extensions
b. Value Engineering
c. Generation Management
d. Obsolescence Management
e. Product Retirement

Merraky uses the power of engineering to solve business problems for our customers. We help our customers achieve an optimized total cost of ownership that delivers savings and satisfaction for their end-users. We help them achieve efficiency through the standardization and modularization of SKUs. We help businesses retain innovation capital during mergers and acquisitions by enabling proper engineering collaboration between disparate businesses or units. Some of our relevant services in this space are:

a. Value Engineering
b. Field Failure Support
c. Standardization & Modularization
d. Engineering Collaboration
e. Data migration/ Platform migration

Merraky uses its mechanical capabilities to help customer’s sales functions achieve better success. We help our customers turn around proposals faster, build more accurate estimates/ BoMs for bids, and customize products based on order specifications. This helps us deliver direct revenue-related benefits to our customers using our skills in mechanical design. Our relevant skills in this area are:

a. Pre-Bid Engineering
b. Order-to-Cash Engineering
c. Product Customization
d. Application Engineering


Merraky’s mechanical practice provides comprehensive skills that address the needs of diverse industries like consumer products, automotive, and even industrial machinery & equipment. Our wisdom built on practical experience in these industries has helped us cross-leverage learnings across industries thereby delivering new paradigms of innovation and technology.

We realize that mechanical engineering is not just skill dependent. Today’s computer-aided engineering needs investment in tools, systems, laboratories, infrastructure, and skill development. We develop and maintain state-of-the-art mechanical competency that our customers can benefit from wherever possible, with minimal or shared capital investments.

Merraky uses competencies in modeling, drafting, engineering analysis, finite element methods (FEA), computational flow dynamics (CFD), thermal analysis, material science, and documentation to help our customers solve their day-to-day problems in engineering.