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Merraky helps provide solutions to help manufacturers and industrial OEMS solve the industrial products challenges of design and development, manufacturing, supply chain, product sustenance, operations and maintenance optimization, and asset management.

Industrial products like heavy machinery, capital equipment, turbomachinery, tractors, material handling equipment, plants for processing industry, and large industrial components such as pumps and generators are largely designed and developed around a specific industry use case. Their production quantities also range invariably from small numbers to huge quantities.

As these products get smarter, connected, and efficient by the day, their new capabilities have become an indispensable element. This also throws up a series of challenges for manufacturers in terms of management. Some of the common challenges that industrial OEMs face are difficulty in finding the right resources for new product design and finding ways to improving and the legacy products.

Key Offerings

Our vast domain expertise in this industry and engineering know-how in Mechanical, Electronics, Software technologies help drive business outcomes for industrial equipment and component manufacturers and operators. We create value for our customers by building customer-dedicated solutions that help accelerate innovation for them.

We have helped industrial OEMs in their digital initiatives like Model Based Design, Model based enterprise, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance, and safety of workers through our proficiency in IoT, AI, ML, AR/VR, Cloud, Data Analytics.