Merraky has a multifaceted telecom portfolio. Our offerings include solutions from OSS/BSS, Smart City, and Connected Home to enabling network equipment providers and communication service providers to adapt to the growing market. We also leverage our capabilities in other industry verticals such as automotive, industrial, and healthcare to bring cross-industry innovations to the conventional telco market use cases.

We offer a holistic set of end-to-end services and industry-specific solutions. Be it areas of Core network service, IT infrastructure management, or automation of business processes, Merraky is your trusted partner in the journey of Digital Transformation.

Over the years, we have helped numerous customers across business segments to develop connected products. This has helped us fully understand the complex intricacies and dependencies in the Telecom industry. This knowledge facilitates the smooth integration of the latest platforms and technologies, thereby empowering our client’s business evolution and keeping them one step ahead of their competitors.

Key Offerings

■ Network

▸ Design, Development & Deployment
▸ Network Analytics
▸ OSS Integration
▸ Tools, Simulation & Automation Frameworks
▸ Mid of Life Support
▸ Product Variants Development & Supporting Services

■ Devices

▸ Development Support & Services
▸ Protocol stack Licensing
▸ Simulations for Layer 2 and Above
▸ 5G Chip Development & Accelerators
▸ Development Support & Services
▸ Device Testing, Pre-Deployment Testing
▸ Conformance Testing
▸ Field Trials, Device Conformance

■ Digital

▸ IoT Platform Enablement
▸ Network Application Support Services
▸ End to End Roll Out Services
▸ Service Monetization