Embedded Electronics

Mechanical Design

IoT & Industry 4.0


Our skills in technology and our proficiency in domain knowledge have helped manufacturers build and maintain successful products.

We understand that engineering is the means to realize a valuable product and a successful product is the means to achieve business success for our customers. Hence, we ensure that our capabilities are strongly aligned to our customer’s domain by leveraging the experience of industry veterans who have solved engineering challenges for decades in their respective areas of expertise.

Our different business units and partners across India, Mainland Europe, United Kingdom, and the United States bring different competencies together to deliver skills across the entire PDLC.

As the boundary between industries are blending and products are interacting with other products or users or infrastructure, the standards defining structural integrity, safety in operations and qualifying materials are fast evolving. Cost competition arising out of environmental, geo-political and market pressures are driving the need for constant innovation. Our cutting-edge mechanical competencies help manufacturers navigate these tricky waters and achieve business results.